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Ampere Software : An Offshore software & web Development, ASP.Net, AJAX, PHP Programming, Application development company India. Offshore Software Development, Outsourced Product Development and PHP, ASP.Net, Web Application Development Outsourcing Company in India. Offering IT software services. We are expert with Microsoft .NET 1.1, .NET 2.0, .NET 3.5 Hire ASP.NET developer Hire C# Developer Offshore Developer India.

Message from CEO

CEOThank-you for your interest in Ampere. We hope that you find our website useful and informative, whether you are a potential customer, investor, business partner, collaborator or our future team member. Ampere is a vision of young and enterprising technocrats to work and collaborate with entrepreneurs around the world by sharing their business goals and help them with whatever we can!

Ampere is strongly positioning itself as a specialist of core software product engineering company located in India for start-up, established and emerging IT/software companies around the world. Our focus along with our skills and people always remains to co-engineer some of very successful software products and solutions. We take pride in collaborating with our partnerís (our services buyers) to not only develop but also test, maintain and support their software products.

At Ampere, we donít have any sort of qualifying criteria to identify/select our customers (our services buyers) as it happens with most of the companies like revenue, size; We enjoy working with entrepreneurs, small start-up software companies and established enterprises to achieve their business goals which indeed become our goal when we collaborate with them. At present our relationship is growing with small to midsized companies of US, UK, Australia and Europe in developing/maintaining and testing their software products/solutions in Insurance, Finance, Healthcare, Medical, E-commerce and Retail business domains.

Ampere has its dedicated engineering facility in Noida (New Delhi, India) with some of the best minds and capable engineers to build world class software products (web/non-web). Further our access to leading institutes, experienced professionals and focused brand identity make us stand apart from others globally. Ampere is headquartered in Noida (New Delhi, India) and is your focal point for development/delivery and for sales/business contact. Kick start your offshore development: +1-818-850-7782. Feel free to send in your networking request even if you are not thinking to outsource at the moment.

We care that you think of us as your strategic partner that builds its relationships on the basis of trust and reliable performance. This is only possible through our firm commitment to provide you with our best services, all the way from planning to implementation and to long-term support. We are looking forward to hear from you, working with you to engineer your business product or solution and achieve your
business milestones that you have planned.

Nitin Chauhan
CEO | Entrepreneur
Ampere Software Private Limited
Skype: nitinglobal | Tel: +1-818-850-7782, +91-9811905564

Delivering the Product:

Ampere delivers the product, not just IT projects Ampere provides exclusive software product engineering services to help software companies of US, UK and Europe to build world-class software products in less time and with fewer efforts. We combine the talents of highly skilled engineers available in India with proven product engineering practices to deliver what the customer is looking for.

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Advantage Outsourcing
  • Cost Savings and so as the profits
  • Save internal resources
  • Time 2 Market
  • Ease of business, seamless service
  • More focus in business generation.
  • Reuse of platforms & Investment
  • Access to skilled engineering team
  • Joint Innovation

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E-mail: sales@amperesoftware.com

Quick Updates
  • Flex based financial software, USA
  • Airline reservation system, France
  • Payroll management system, New York
  • Testing of Video Caption Software, USA
  • Testing and Maintenance of Physicians software, USA

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